Mental Fitness For Legal Professionals

Hi, I'm Susan Goodkind    Wideman, J.D.

Founder of Goodkind of Life 


This is my Story

In 2019, I "retired" from my successful law practice because I was so anxious, exhausted, and worn out I felt I could no longer do my best work. I loved my clients and the practice of law, but I was burned out. For 20 years, I had put so much time and energy into what I was doing as a lawyer, I had lost my connection with who I was being; i.e. I was running on autopilot and living out of alignment with my core values - although I didn't realize it at the time.

And so began my burnout recovery journey. Through therapy, extensive research, coach training, and working with my own coach, I learned to recognize and manage the difficult thoughts, feelings, and choices that were interfering with my happiness and had derailed my life. I rebuilt a better life using the methodologies, tools and practices that made sense to my pragmatic lawyer mind; no woo-woo please. 

These are the same the methodologies, tools and practices I share with my clients who are heading towards burnout, like I was, and want to change direction towards thriving.  As your coach and ally I will guide you to connect with your values, create a strong inner foundation, build your mental fitness and turn your challenges into victories. I’m ready when you are and I look forward to working with you!