Mental Fitness For Legal Professionals

At Goodkind of Life we offer; 

  • free Discovery Calls, 
  • 1:1 Coaching,
  • Beat Burnout Bootcamp for Attorneysand
  • Beat Burnout Bootcamp for Paralegals & Legal Assistants.

You will find descriptions for each of these services below. 

How Can I Help You?

Coaching is a partnership designed to help you gain clarity and move into action.  The process will energize you to make meaningful changes, so you can close the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be in you work and all other aspects of your life.  It's a powerful relationship that helps you get clear about how you want to show up in your most important roles.  In between coaching sessions, the true impact of coaching bears fruit as you deepen your self-awareness, act on your discoveries and make choices that differ from the ones you made in the past. 

Because each of my clients is a unique individual there are no "steps" or "templates" for my coaching. My role as your Coach is not to provide answers, but rather to help you develop the self-awareness, curiosity, and understanding of yourself, the variety of your choices, and your ability to find your own answers. As a result, I ensure that you will always have the tools to make choices that suit your self-designed goals and vision of yourself. The changes created in my coaching are sustainable because they are specific to your individual needs and circumstances. 



You are invited to schedule one complimentary coaching session with me. No sales pitch. No pressure. Just a conversation about what you are experiencing right now and your dream for your life. This is your chance to experience coaching in a safe, non-judgmental space, at no cost and see if it's right for you.

​If you would like to work together after this session, we can explore your options at that time.


Schedule A Discovery Session


In 1:1 coaching we focus on upgrading your mental operating system from survival mode to thrive mode.  

We start by clarifying your values, intentions, and goals, and then we work on building your mental fitness muscles. You'll learn how to quickly; 

*identify the right-brain thoughts, ideas and behaviors that are sabotaging you and holding you back,

*calm yourself and control your mind any time and any place

*shift into your left-brain powers of empathy, creativity, innovation, exploration and fierce focused action so you can move forward. 

The positive changes you experience are sustainable because this work includes real-world strategies, backed by neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive psychology, performance science, and original Positive Intelligence® (PQ) research.

To discuss what's best for you, click below. 


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The Attorney Mental Fitness Bootcamp is based on neuroscience, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, performance science and Positive Intelligence® (PQ).

This 8-week program has been proven to quickly build mental muscles and rewire the brain so you can:

✓ Decrease the time spent in negative emotions like stress, frustration, and fear

✓ Increases the time you spend in positive emotions like creativity, empathy, curiosity

✓ Feel excited and energized about your life and work instead of frustrated and drained

✓ Create sustainable habits to improve performance, relationships, and well-being

Your 8-week Bootcamp Program includes:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions (60 min). 
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching (30 Min)
  • Weekly mental fitness training videos (60) in weeks 2-7 to watch on your own
  • Unlimited Access to the Positive Intelligence® (PQ) smartphone app for tracking, daily focus, mental fitness exercises, private group forum and more.
  • Resources such as handouts, articles, and podcasts to deepen your learning
  •  A small supportive group of your peers championing your goals

8 WEEKS: $1300 (Small group 2-6)  $1500 (Individual)


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You're determined to achieve something or be successful in your career and all of you've relentlessly put a lot of your time and energy toward this aim.  It's starting to wear you down physically and mentally, and you need something to that will help carry on with clarity, focus, and inner calm.  

The Mental Fitness Bootcamp For Driven Professionals focuses on building the mental fitness to better manage the unique demands of your difficult, challenging, and high-stakes work.  This program draws on  neuroscience, cognitive psychology, positive psychology, performance science and Positive Intelligence® (PQ). 

This 8-week group coaching program will enhance your self-awareness, improve your self-confidence and help you create sustainable new habits to improve performance, relationships, and well-being. 

8 WEEKS: 8 WEEKS: $1300 (Small group 2-6)  $1500 (Individual)    


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